Can A. I. Tutors Help Train Enough Medical Professionals?

Can A. I. Tutors Help Train Enough Medical Professionals?

But could new technologies within the realm of digital health be of some assistance to train medical professionals? Disrupting the training of medical professionals with new technologies In the digital health era, technology’s assistance in training medical staff is slowly taking a central stage. The researchers found that those trained with the A.I. tutor showed 35% better performance and learned surgical skills 2.6 times faster than those receiving remote instructions from a human tutor. The technology is put to use at the Bristol NHS Foundation Trust to safely train medics and surgeons. The Health Education Center at the University of Texas Medical Branch also adopted the technology to enable students to independently work on their communication and clinical reasoning skills. Using A.I. tutors to train medical students and staff is still a nascent concept, with Virti and its adopters being early examples put in practice. “Artificially intelligent tutors like the VOA may become a valuable tool in the training of the next generation of neurosurgeons,” said Dr. Rolando Del Maestro, the study’s senior author. Nevertheless, we might still be years away before seeing such options on the healthcare market, but A.I. offers the potential to attend to, at least partially, the need to train healthcare professionals in crucial skills.

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