Cerner Appoints its First Chief Health Officer

Cerner Appoints its First Chief Health Officer

Posted Nov 17, 2021 from

Dr. Nasim Afsar will be in charge of the company's efforts around patient care, focused on quality and safety, regulatory compliance, government and policy and continuous improvement.

Cerner on Tuesday announced that it would launch a new C-suite role, naming Dr. Nasim Afsar, as its first chief health officer. "I look forward to joining the talented team of leaders at Cerner to enhance our ability to care for patients and free our caregivers to focus on what matters most: the patient in front of them." Cerner says Afsar's "forward-thinking and ambitious healthcare strategies," and expertise in quality, population health management, operations, finance, contracting, business development and strategy will be assets as she leads development of new technologies that enhance health and value to patients, communities and caregivers. "As an industry, we need to decrease the cost of care, improve quality and community health, give more time back to caregivers to spend at the bedside – and Cerner intends to be a key player in driving these efforts. "I have dedicated my career to driving positive large-scale impact with the goal of delivering high quality care and health outcomes for our patients and communities," said Afsar.

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