Breakthrough Innovations in Healthcare Industry

Breakthrough Innovations in Healthcare Industry

Posted Nov 15, 2021 from

Healthcare industry is more in need of innovations today.

Immunotherapy: Treatment with the ability to dramatically extend life for cancer patients without conventional chemotherapy's harmful side effects and associated health care costs. Leveraging Social Media to improve patience experience: Tapping social media and online community data to provide health care the ability of organizations to track real-time customer experience and population health patterns. Convenient Care: Retail clinics and emergency care facilities that provide patients with a variety of health conditions with more accessible and lower-cost care. The potential influence of these developments goes beyond conventional segmentation of stakeholders (e.g., health plans, providers of health care, and life companies in the sciences) which are expected to drive fundamental change in models for business and operations. The perceptions of customers on how they access services, including health care, are changing.

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