Will Virtual-1st Plans Stick? Insight From 2 Early Adopters

Will Virtual-1st Plans Stick? Insight From 2 Early Adopters

Posted Nov 14, 2021 from

UnitedHealthcare is launching NavigateNow — its first virtual-first health plan — later this year, said Will Shanley, a spokesperson for the payer. "Eligible employers can reduce premiums by approximately 15 percent compared to traditional plans, while members have $0 copays for virtual and in-person primary care and behavioral health visits, plus virtual urgent care, with unlimited chat, online scheduling and on-demand, same-day appointments," Mr. Shanley told Becker's. When it comes to tracking virtual plans, Ms. Bliss is focused on three metrics: cost, access and experience. Without exception, she said a successful virtual plan needs to reduce costs for members and expand access to care. Ms. Bliss said the development in virtual health plans over the past 18 months is only the tip of the iceberg. "We will no longer be talking about 'virtual-first' health plans, but will understand that all health plans should evolve and virtual delivery will be an expected element of the care delivery experience," Ms. Bliss said.

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