Why 6 Medical Bills Made Headlines This Year?

Why 6 Medical Bills Made Headlines This Year?

Posted Nov 10, 2021 from

From a $54,000 charge for a single COVID-19 test to parents receiving a $270,951 medical bill after the birth of their first child because of the "birthday rule," here are six medical bills that have made headlines this year. 1. A patient who went to the emergency room at Emory Decatur (Ga.) Hospital said she was billed $688 for the trip even though she didn't receive treatment or leave the waiting room. According to the lawsuit, Anthem suggested that the patient, who was suffering a myocardial infarction while on a cruise, receive emergency treatment at a local Dominican Republic hospital instead of a level 1 trauma center in Florida as recommended by the patient's physician. 4. In September, The New York Times published a highly-shared article detailing the $257,000 medical bill two new parents in New York received after the hospital stay for their newborn, who died when she was 25 days old.

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