5 Ways to Accelerate Data-Driven Improvement

5 Ways to Accelerate Data-Driven Improvement

Posted Nov 9, 2021 from

Reject the typical data guesswork that delivers substandard results and accelerate sustainable improvement by applying five data-centric mindset shifts within your organization.

With seemingly endless amounts of data and the constant pressure to achieve data-driven healthcare improvement, health systems increasingly turn to data to solve problems and accelerate change. Instead, healthcare leaders need to focus on data orchestration: quickly combining data from different sources, then distributing the relevant data sets to appropriate end users throughout the organization. Such timely data is vital for organizations responding to health crises, such as a pandemic, that require quick decisions in a short timeframe. When team members feel confident using data, organizations achieve data-driven healthcare improvement at every level of the system, not just the top. With the rigor of AI, organizations can quickly make sense of IoT data and separate the value from the noise. AI is the key to making patient data actionable because it allows systems to take advantage of the breadth of IoT and patient-reported data and combine those insights with traditional data sources (e.g., EHR and claims data) for a comprehensive picture of patient health. To take full advantage of a health system’s data and empower team members to work at the top of their license, leaders should identify the most relevant data for the appropriate end users, then alter their care models to support that data delivery.

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