Enhancing the Patient Experience in Healthcare

Enhancing the Patient Experience in Healthcare

Posted Nov 8, 2021 from

As healthcare leaders, we have a moral imperative to make healthcare as accessible as possible to our patients. Care navigation is one of the most cost-effective ways to guide patients on their journeys.

Navigating the healthcare system is a demanding and often frustrating task—especially for patients and families experiencing a health crisis. Fortunately, most health systems have realized that patients want and need more from their healthcare providers. Patient navigators typically connect with patients who are transitioning home from an acute care visit. Examples of patient care navigation in action include: Navigators can also help to improve the quality and timeliness of care by advocating for patients and scheduling needed follow-up appointments. To help hospitals better integrate the patient journey, Vituity recently launched Healthful, a new company dedicated to delivering highly personalized support through care navigation. Healthful’s portfolio of services includes ED and substance use navigation, transitional care management, and support for alternative payment models. Healthful’s proprietary patient navigation platform is among the first to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to help team members accurately and proactively identify the patients who will benefit most from care navigation. This technology also helps Healthful navigators build personalized care plans for each patient.

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