6 strategies for addressing ageism in medicine

6 strategies for addressing ageism in medicine

Posted Nov 6, 2021 from

The pandemic renewed a focus on geriatric care and revealed deep ageism that has the potential to affect health outcomes, but there are ways to reduce ageism within healthcare, Kaiser Health News reported Nov. 5. Its director, Janine Vanderburg, says it aims to "teach people about the connections between ageism and poor health outcomes and to mobilize both older people and [health] professionals to advocate for better medical care." Medical schools should integrate geriatric and palliative care into their curricula more deeply to prepare medical professionals to care for the increasingly aging population. The pandemic brought a renewed focus on geriatrics, encouraging more hospitals and health systems to bring in geriatric experts. More clinical trials should include a representative age sample of adults so medical professionals can understand the best treatment options for older patients.

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