How intelligent clinical asset optimization can reduce costs and increases cash flow — 5 takeaways

How intelligent clinical asset optimization can reduce costs and increases cash flow — 5 takeaways

Posted Nov 5, 2021 from

Health system leaders are seeking specific features in clinical asset management solutions. Among 100 health system executives surveyed by TRIMEDX, the most important features for a clinical asset management solution are: 1) the ability to proactively identify savings opportunities; 2) translating those opportunities into specific, actionable recommendations for inventory optimization and 3) being able to leverage devices across other sites of care, which is especially important as acute care volume shifts out of the hospital setting. TRIMEDX's comprehensive solution includes a best-in-class clinical engineering program that provides operational savings through standardized workflows and equipment maintenance; device safety and security that focuses on quality, regulatory and cyber excellence; along with a comprehensive clinical asset management program to optimize inventory and drive financial savings. "This allows us to evolve the clinical asset management conversation beyond purely capital planning," Mr. McGraw said, "into true optimization opportunities with different actions depending on the data we're collecting." These prescriptive recommendations typically produce OpEx savings of 10 percent to 20 percent through inventory optimization, CapEx avoidance or deferral of 25 percent to 35 percent through strategic replacement planning and a 20 percent to 50 percent return above trade-in value from the sales of used excess devices. TRIMEDX’s advanced analytics provide an accurate inventory of all clinical assets across the health system, national asset count benchmarking to identify areas of excess, and RUDR Scores that highlight specific devices recommended for reallocation. Reallocating clinical assets can help health systems save on capital budgets and operating expenses by maximizing the utilization on devices they already own instead of purchasing additional equipment.

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