Secrets To Success With Cybersecurity Hiring And Retention

Secrets To Success With Cybersecurity Hiring And Retention

Posted Nov 4, 2021 from

In a sneak-peek of his session at December's virtual HIMSS Healthcare Cybersecurity Forum, a security leader from Trinity Health discusses some of the challenges and opportunities of infosec team building.

There has been a dearth of cybersecurity professionals to protect healthcare provider organizations for some time – and the problem is only getting worse. The panel will explore current trends in the information security job marketplace, culture cultivation strategies, assessing what future hiring and training requirements will look like, as well as challenges around retaining talent. A. First and foremost, the biggest trend in the cybersecurity marketplace is the lack of talented cybersecurity professionals. As threats like ransomware evolve and become more sophisticated, employers realize they need more help, and this puts a strain on the limited number of cybersecurity professionals. This requires a different skill set to manage the threat, which means more cybersecurity professionals with these skills are needed. These two issues are driving employers to ask for cybersecurity professionals with multiple skill sets to cover their requirements. The problem is that most security professionals do not have multiple skill sets.

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