Urgency-Driven Innovation In Healthcare

Urgency-Driven Innovation In Healthcare

Posted Nov 3, 2021 from

Pandemic spurs hybrid care and cloud technology momentum for a more resilient future.

Physicians turned to virtual visits to continue providing care. At the same time, healthcare organizations have implemented new workflows and technologies to help them better reach their communities and workers to provide care and keep them safe. • The need for new patient-centric models of care “While digital innovation has been on the minds of healthcare providers for a decade, it was positioned as a pilot or proof-of concept investment,” she said. When those established systems were unable to respond to the pandemic’s impact and deluge of patient and consumer inquiries, healthcare organizations quickly embraced virtual visits, artificial intelligence (AI)-infused chatbots, enhanced portals and COVID-19 risk assessments that used machine learning and advanced algorithms. Such technologies provided a roadmap for patients to play a pivotal role in their own care during the crisis. “Industry leaders had to provide healthcare in a virtual setting to care for patients while also protecting clinicians who were dealing with a global pandemic.” Patients embraced this because it gave them more control, enabling them to initiate interactions, request care or seek advice more easily.”

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