Building a Patient Management Program in the Wake of COVID-19

Building a Patient Management Program in the Wake of COVID-19

Posted Oct 29, 2021 from

A key to optimal patient care is having the right data at the right time, which also includes the ability to exchange it across platforms. But that's easier said than done in today's healthcare environment, where caregivers often are given too much data with too little context to develop an actionable care plan. In the face of too much and too little information, clinical insecurities worsen clinical burnout.

As critical care grows in complexity and data sources become more disparate, the need for cohesive, standardized patient management is increasingly evident. However, adding more technology to fix the woes of other technology often can require many additional resources and can become overwhelming.

Overall, building a patient management program – most notably in the wake of COVID-19 – is critical. Healthcare IT News sat down with Dr. Huiling Zhang, head of medical office for connected care at Philips, to discuss these issues to help healthcare CIOs and other health IT leaders wrap their heads around technology-enabled patient management programs.

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