Text messages move the needle on COVID-19 vaccinations

Text messages move the needle on COVID-19 vaccinations

Posted Oct 25, 2021 from

The SVP of consumerism at AVIA Health explains how texting has proven its value in increasing vaccination rates – and why health system IT leaders should consider new approaches to digital patient engagement campaigns.

As communities across the nation seek new ways to bring COVID-19 vaccination rates up to levels that can more effectively mitigate the spread of variants, they are looking for new and better ways to reach those who are just hesitant, undecided or unaware of how to get vaccinated.

A study of one regional health system's digital campaign found that sending interactive text messages increased vaccinations rates by more than 4%, in this case by using "psychological ownership" techniques designed to make the message receiver think of the vaccine shot as "theirs."

In an interview with Healthcare IT News, Sonia Singh, senior vice president of consumerism at AVIA Health, a digital health company, sheds light into this concept and explains the value of digital campaigns. She draws on the company's work helping promote the study's interactive text messaging program and other similar digital campaigns.

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