Fraud-Proofing Your Telehealth Strategy

Fraud-Proofing Your Telehealth Strategy

Posted Oct 19, 2021 from

By now, you’ve likely read hundreds, if not thousands, of stories about telehealth and its precipitous rise sparked by the pandemic. While telehealth usage has dipped from its peak in April 2020, overall utilization is still 38 times higher than before the pandemic. The numbers lend credence to the numerous benefits touted throughout the public health emergency, most notably serving as a vital lifeline for high-risk patients, reducing the risk of exposure for staff, alleviating patient demand on facilities, and more. The reality is that telehealth has solidified itself as a permanent fixture within our healthcare system.  

However, the explosion in adoption has drawn bad actors who are taking advantage of the relaxed regulatory environment and technological vulnerabilities. Capturing and combatting fraud in today’s healthcare landscape requires the convergence of innovation and experience to drive value beyond the margins. Organizations must take a multi-layered approach to identify, address, and prevent fraud.

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