7 Big Ideas in Healthcare Marketing

7 Big Ideas in Healthcare Marketing

Posted Oct 12, 2021 from

From the mottos they use to guide their marketing teams to the language and images they avoid using in their campaigns, here are seven key quotes about healthcare marketing that hospital executives shared with Becker's Hospital Review in the last three months.

Garth Graham, MD. Director and Global Head of Healthcare and Public Health Partnerships at Google and YouTube: We want all folks who are thinking about value-based care to not just think about the trajectory of value-based care that ends beyond the walls of their institution, but rather think about how they can influence health outcomes for people outside along that continuum.

Jigar Shah. Chief Marketing Officer at Providence (Renton, Wash.): Healthcare is very personal, and the key to successful marketing is a relationship-based approach. This means using messaging to build and retain trust, meeting consumers where they are in their healthcare journey and giving them relevant, actionable information to make decisions about their care. 

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