Winners And Losers Of 2020 In Digital Health

Winners And Losers Of 2020 In Digital Health

It might not seem like it, but the digital health industry is one with fierce competition. Every year, companies and new technologies come and go in this space at a staggering pace; some bringing revolutionary potentials to the market, while others going down unceremoniously. But it’s not just companies and tech but also related areas like privacy and medical events that are part and parcel to this industry.

It might be challenging to keep track of developments along those lines, especially given the Jumanji-like year of 2020 we’ve all experienced. As such, we collected a list of areas relevant to digital health that were clear winners and losers this year. Results of this year’s “digital health race” might not be of the scope of the 2020 Summer Olympics that were not realised; but they will surely prove insightful as upcoming trends in the next few years.

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