5th Annual Cell Engager Summit

5th Annual Cell Engager Summit

 April 24 to April 27, 2023 

Hilton Boston Logan Airport, One Hotel Drive, Boston, Massachusetts, 02128, United States

The TCE pipeline is ever-growing and there are multiple different formats, engagers and costimulatory being studied in over 90 trials, with over a hundred projects in the preclinical stage. To treat hematological malignancies, the majority of pharmaceutical and biotech companies are focusing on lymphocyte-restricted tumor-associated antigens such as CD19, CD20, BCMA, CD33, and CD123.

The 5th Annual Cell Engager Summit will discover everything there is to know about the immune cell engager landscape, including clinical successes, prospective response predictors, and cutting-edge immune cell-based engager therapeutic discoveries. To increase safety (lower CRS) and efficacy (higher dose, better tumor penetration/accumulation, lower TMDD) in the solid tumor microenvironment, target tumor antigens (HER2, EGFR, etc.) and change co-stimulatory receptors (CD137/4-1BB, CD28). Use properly proven strategies to address effectiveness issues such as T-cell depletion in solid tumors (alternatives to CD3s, maybe NK engagers), toxicity in hematological malignancies (protease/ph-based cleavage), and toxicity in hematological tumors.

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