Strategies to Improve Physician Efficiency and Productivity

Strategies to Improve Physician Efficiency and Productivity

 June 22, 2022 


Physician burnout and staffing shortages are severe with no end in sight. Physician practices are facing an uphill climb to recover from COVID-19, hire and retain adequate staff, improve patient safety, drive revenue and provide quality care for patients. They also are making up for two years of patients delaying preventative care. Despite enormous investments in technology like the EHR physician productivity hasn’t advanced. In fact, high levels of productivity are only seen when clinicians have to work at unsuitably high levels, resulting in burnout and possible departure. Economic models suggest that if healthcare productivity could grow by 4%, the healthcare cost problem could be solved. How can we increase productivity or efficiency without an adequate level of caregivers? Can we lower labor costs for nurses and doctors that have hit astronomical highs? The answer is YES, by leveraging solutions that are quick to implement, that improve workflow and that reduce physician burnout all for a fraction of the labor investment. 

This 60-minute webinar will provide you with the knowledge to: 

  • Discover how to reduce administrative burden throughout the patient encounter  
  • Demonstrate how to enhance quality of care and patient satisfaction 
  • Apply strategies to increase productivity with time savings, patient volume and workflow improvements

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