Eliminating ‘Tensions’ in Health Care: A Litmus Test for Innovation

Eliminating ‘Tensions’ in Health Care: A Litmus Test for Innovation

Posted Aug 11, 2021 from

The term “innovation,” once considered an insult in religious sectors, has garnered a cult following in health care. Dozens of health innovation accelerators, incubators, labs, and centers now exist in universities, nonprofit institutions, and corporations across the country and new ones are emerging all the time.

It is easy to understand why: the promise of innovation is astounding. Innovation done well can improve health care outcomes, decrease costs, serve more people, create market share, and help institutions gain cutting-edge reputations. And as health care spending approaches 20% of the U.S. economy, it’s apparent why the concept holds so much appeal for decision-makers and innovators.

Yet innovation theater and liberally labeling projects as “innovations” pose threats of equal proportion. We believe there is value in innovation and want to protect it, but to do so it’s important to discern what it really means in health care.

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