Healthcare Procurement in 2023: Let’s Shape the Beginning from the End!

Healthcare Procurement in 2023: Let’s Shape the Beginning from the End!

Let’s professionalise procurement by giving decision-makers (doctors, board, ...) decision-making tools that bring objective, patientcentred and cost-oriented VALUE to the hospital sector. Procurement is part of healthcare management and holds the key to all topics that are lessons learned from COVID-19: supply chain management, sustainability, transparency, digitalisation, patient experience, innovation & economies. There is no doubt that procurement increasingly includes a dimension that we have to call value. Price is in the foreground; in these times of crisis, it remains a must. A transparent vendor neutral description of products and services puts procurers in the public health system in a position that in football is called the one who passes the ball. And that is towards the specialists in each field. In 2023, public tenders are meeting points where engagements are taken in all transparency. Every stakeholder in the health system - be they a doctor, a manager or a nurse - should not have their decisionmaking authority taken away from them.

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Professionalizing procurement in the hospital sector is essential for bringing objective, patient-centered, and cost-oriented value to healthcare management. Procurement plays a vital role in addressing lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, such as supply chain management, sustainability, transparency, digitalization, patient experience, innovation, and economies. While price is still important, value-based procurement involves balancing cost with quality, safety, and efficacy. Decision-makers need tools that enable them to evaluate products objectively and consider patient experience, innovation, and economies. Transparency and involving all stakeholders in the procurement process are also critical to ensure a patient-centered, objective, and cost-oriented approach.

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