Why Digital Equity is Important to Conducting Better Telemedicine

Why Digital Equity is Important to Conducting Better Telemedicine

Alexandra Hunter, virtual care consultant at Henry Ford Health in Detroit, emphasizes the importance of digital equity for effective telehealth. Speaking at the HIMSS 24 Global Conference, she highlights the disparities in patient access and digital literacy, underscoring the need for a digital equity strategy. As telehealth becomes integral, Hunter discusses the challenges faced by organizations, emphasizing the link between barriers to broadband access, digital literacy, and higher prevalence of chronic conditions. Her session explores strategies employed by Henry Ford Health and other systems to bridge these gaps. The focus is on understanding digital equity, constructing strategies, assessing patient populations, and aligning initiatives with organizational goals, emphasizing the vital role of executive leadership support. The case study illustrates the consequences of inadequate digital equity and offers actionable insights for health systems aiming to enhance telehealth services.

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Alexandra Hunter, virtual care consultant at Henry Ford Health, advocates for digital equity in telehealth at the HIMSS 24 Global Conference. Stressing the persistent disparities in access and digital literacy, Hunter urges organizations to construct digital equity strategies. She explores how Henry Ford Health and other systems address barriers, emphasizing the imperative of executive leadership support. Hunter highlights key considerations: understanding digital equity, creating strategies aligned with organizational goals, and assessing patient populations. The session provides actionable insights to enhance telehealth services, emphasizing the critical role of addressing digital disparities for effective and inclusive healthcare.

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  • Why Digital Equity is Important to Conducting Better Telemedicine

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