How Enterprise Analytics Can Help Future-Proof Health Systems

How Enterprise Analytics Can Help Future-Proof Health Systems

For years, the healthcare community has been focused on unlocking value from patient data stored in electronic medical records (EMRs). With EMRs embedded across more than 80% of physician offices and almost all hospitals (registration required), it is logical to place so much emphasis on EMR data. But collecting this wealth of patient data requires extensive documentation, adding to clinicians’ administrative burden and contributing to ongoing clinician burnout and healthcare workforce challenges.As such, healthcare organizations and technology providers are turning their attention to ways to streamline and find new value in EMR use.In my view, these physicians are onto something: while the healthcare community has been hyper-focused on analyzing and activating patient data, there is a missed opportunity to look more closely at clinician data for complementary insights to help drive improvements in healthcare. 

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Clinical decision support (CDS) solutions provide clinicians with evidence-based content to help inform crucial care decisions. As my company recently highlighted, research has shown use of CDS is associated with improved patient outcomes and hospital processes.My company is one provider of CDS solutions, and we have been investing in scaling that technology so enterprises can harness data from their own care teams to improve patient and population health outcomes. The millions of CDS searches clinicians across the globe make every single day during their workflow are a treasure trove of data waiting to be tapped.In the years ahead, I believe we will see an increased use of unified enterprise analytics to connect care team decisions from point-of-care across the health ecosystem and, in turn, measurable improvements in operational effectiveness, safety, patient satisfaction and care equity.

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  • How Enterprise Analytics Can Help Future-Proof Health Systems

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