Jackson Health System Taps Data Flows to Improve Care

Jackson Health System Taps Data Flows to Improve Care

Posted Oct 5, 2021 from

In healthcare IT, data integration is often considered a back-end IT function, but the enterprise application integration team at Jackson Health System (JHS), one of the largest public health systems in the country, has turned data-as-a-service into a strategic differentiator that has improved patient care and saved millions of dollars in subsidy costs.

Data from the various systems and applications at JHS flow through the data integration engine, but JHS wasn't really leveraging that data flow. Rosello and his six-person team set out to change that with Overwatch, an agile, integrated data solution platform for which JHS has received a Digital Edge 50 Award for digital innovation.

"We had all this information flowing through this engine and we delivered it to these individual systems, but we didn't take advantage of the fact that we have it all sitting in this engine in transit and in real-time," Rosello says.

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