Leveraging RPM to Enable At-Home Care for High-Risk Cancer Patients

Leveraging RPM to Enable At-Home Care for High-Risk Cancer Patients

Leveraging Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) for at-home care in high-risk cancer patients enhances outcomes, but patient engagement and selecting suitable technology are crucial. Post-2020, digital health advances expanded at-home healthcare boundaries, addressing COVID-19-related care shifts. A study by CU Medicine and Reimagine Care showed RPM feasibility and acceptability in managing bone marrow transplant and CAR T-cell therapy patients. Biometric sensors and chatbots facilitated continuous monitoring and symptom reporting. RPM improved care quality, patient understanding, and symptom detection. Implementation lessons highlight RPM integration into comprehensive care models and patient engagement importance. Despite potential, broader RPM adoption necessitates payer support to realize full benefits, aiming for comprehensive at-home care integration and reduced hospital visits.

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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is proving instrumental in enhancing at-home care for high-risk cancer patients, as highlighted by a study conducted by CU Medicine and Reimagine Care. Utilizing biometric sensors and chatbots, RPM facilitates continuous monitoring and symptom reporting, improving care quality and patient understanding. However, successful implementation requires integrating RPM into comprehensive care models, ensuring patient engagement, and selecting suitable technology. Despite its potential, broader RPM adoption hinges on securing support from healthcare payers. The ultimate goal is to integrate RPM into comprehensive at-home care strategies, reducing hospital visits while ensuring timely intervention and improved outcomes.

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  • Leveraging RPM to Enable At-Home Care for High-Risk Cancer Patients

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