Use of menstruation and fertility app trackers: a scoping review of the evidence

Shahid Shah Posted Apr 7, 2020 from


A new review of studies that examined the accuracy of pregnancy and fertility planning apps concludes that there is little research to fully recommend using these apps for family planning. Researchers analyzed 18 studies published between 2010-2019, papers that had evaluated a range of apps used for pregnancy, period, and fertility tracking. 

Only four of these studies looked specifically at pregnancy planning apps, and only three actually compared different apps. While more than half of the studies included in the review dealt with fertility tracking apps, including those women used to avoid getting pregnant, some of the research concluded that many of the apps hadn't been specifically designed to prevent pregnancy and were still being marketed for that purpose.

Some of the studies were also funded by the apps that were being evaluated, and the authors of the review write that more independent research ought to be conducted into evaluating such apps. 

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