13 Trends And Highlights In Women’s Health Technology

Radhika Narayanan Posted Oct 6, 2020 from

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13 Trends And Highlights In Women’s Health Technology

2019 was an inflection point for Femtech which is on the path to becoming a consolidated $50 billion dollar industry while improving the lives of millions of women and their communities. Here's 13 trends and highlights of Femtech in 2There is an ongoing debate about what is included in the definition of Femtech, and the need to think beyond reproductive health and make the field more inclusive. However, there is power in using terminology that creates visibility for concepts or issues that have long been widely overlooked. “Femtech” has and continues to serve the purpose of creating a catchy reference to a business sector that primarily addresses the health and wellness needs of women -and people who experience similar health issues- through software, diagnostics, products and tech-enabled health services.

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