Keys to Effective Remote Patient Monitoring

Keys to Effective Remote Patient Monitoring

Posted Apr 10, 2021 from

As we try to understand this evolution in healthcare, we sat down with Angie Stevens, RN BSN, Founder at Health Logx, and Julie Mann, Chief Commercial Officer at Carium, to talk about their experience providing this care and the lessons they've learned to effectively do chronic disease management.

They also share a number of success stories from Stevens' experience working with patients remotely and how to effectively balance the mix of technology and human connection that's needed to do RPM and chronic care management well.

We also dive into the all-important question of how we're going to pay for RPM in our current health system. Stevens points out ways she'd like to see reimbursement improve, and Mann shares a wide variety of approaches Carium customers take to be able to pay for RPM. Finally, we dive into how well this can scale to all of healthcare.

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