Healthcare Interoperability With Kristian Feterik From UPMC

Healthcare Interoperability With Kristian Feterik From UPMC

Posted Jan 20, 2021 from

Electronic admission, discharge transfer (ADT) notifications enable providers to access messages across the care continuum. This solution is currently in place at UPMC, and I learned more about it when I sat down to talk with Kristian Feterik, MD, MBA, and Medical Director of Interoperability at UPMC, a world-renowned healthcare provider and insurer. 

UPMC implemented an ADT alerting platform to facilitate real-time health event notifications across their facilities to enhance care coordination. While not every healthcare organization is the size of UPMC, connecting data across multiple EHRs and care settings is a challenge most healthcare facilities continue to face.

Also, Dr. Feterik shares how they’ve streamlined post-acute referrals for their teams by leveraging their alert notification technology. Then, we dive into the challenges UPMC faces in complying with the CMS mandated notification requirements (CoPs) and what they’ve done to achieve compliance with these regulations. 

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