Top Strategies for ACO Success

Top Strategies for ACO Success

Posted Aug 4, 2020 from

With the launch of Pathways to Success, the rules of the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) are changing for a lot of providers, impelling ACO programs to ready to take on downside risk more quickly. Under the previous MSSP rules, ACOs had up to six years to implement a new program and earn a share of their Medicare savings before taking on any downside risk. Now that transition will happen much faster, meaning ACOs could have to pay back part of any Medicare losses within only two to three years. 

There are a few things ACOs need to know as they get started. Providers already know how to deliver high quality care-they have been delivering excellent care for years. The majority of providers also have an eye on their bottom line-no provider will be wasting money if they can help it.  This article describes the top three strategies for ACO providers to successfully continue their push to improve care quality while generating savings for Medicare.

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