How Digital Therapeutics Are Reshaping the Healthcare Industry

How Digital Therapeutics Are Reshaping the Healthcare Industry

Posted Feb 10, 2021 from

As challenging as these past months have been, there is a silver lining. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption and acceptance of new healthcare innovations offering contactless and personalized care in digital therapeutics.

Digital Therapeutics (DTx) is a subset of digital health. They are closely associated with telehealth. The difference is subtle. Telehealth is how therapy is delivered. DTx is the actual therapeutics intervention and offers evidence-based, patient-centric solutions to a wide variety of health challenges.

While digital therapeutics are gaining steam, the concept isn’t new. Digital health technologies have been around for decades. But a few things have happened to accelerate the process of adoption.

The pandemic has already lowered regulatory hurdles and enhanced patient willingness to try out these products. As these technologies continue to scale and grow even more effectively, they will lead to a complete healthcare industry transformation.

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