Three Key Considerations for Patient-Focused Telehealth

Three Key Considerations for Patient-Focused Telehealth

Posted Oct 22, 2020 from

Even though virtual healthcare has been possible for over a decade, the technology officially became an integral part of the care process as a direct result of COVID-19. Telemedicine can offer on-demand medical attention to patients anytime and anywhere, but it’s essential for virtual care to be easily accessible to anyone who needs it. True patient-focused telehealth addresses patient learning curves, implementation issues, and insurance limitations, but it also addresses primary care physician burnout and workflow concerns.

In today’s medical climate, telemedicine and Value-Based Care (VBC) go hand-in-hand. VBC models allow primary care providers to decrease hospitalizations and the overall cost of care, but this only works through a high-touch approach. 

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  • Three Key Considerations for Patient-Focused Telehealth

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