Returning to Care in a “Not-Quite-Post Pandemic” World

Returning to Care in a “Not-Quite-Post Pandemic” World

Posted Apr 15, 2021 from

The dissemination of coronavirus vaccines has brought the end of the pandemic into sight, with most U.S. adults expected to become eligible by May.

Having a telehealth solution that is integrated within the EHR can reduce clumsy workarounds in visit documentation and help streamline patient communication. While telehealth visits will likely decrease in the coming months, having it as an option can speed efficiency for patients and physicians alike by letting them conduct some visits remotely.

Digital tools can also streamline the cumbersome process of patient recall– a function that will be particularly important in the coming months. As practices juggle higher patient volumes, it’s critically important that patients don’t fall through the cracks, potentially further delaying the ability to catch CRC in its early stages.

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  • Returning to Care in a “Not-Quite-Post Pandemic” World

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