How Physician Practices Can Switch to Value-Based Care

How Physician Practices Can Switch to Value-Based Care

Posted Jun 8, 2021 from

The outcome of a decade-long debate over value-based care is clear: either adapt or a clinician’s practice will suffer. Moreover, adapting to a value-based care model now will allow independent physicians the chance to shape and impact future care models and how success is defined and measured.

For independent physicians, the debate has been whether value-based care or the fee-for-service model is better. Value-based care is a simple concept that links reimbursement for healthcare services, not just to the volume of work performed, but also the quality of the work performed.

It’s essential for physicians to reassess current risk models to avoid falling behind. By taking proactive steps, independent physicians will open the door to new patients and help guide what the future of value-based care looks like for their patients and colleagues while ensuring the successful future of their business.

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