Data-Driven Patient Engagement Strategies in Preventive Care

Data-Driven Patient Engagement Strategies in Preventive Care

Posted Mar 3, 2021 from

While preventive care before the pandemic was already substantially underutilized, we’re looking at a further decline due to fear around COVID-19 and patients’ preference to avoid (or delay) non-emergency medical care.

When used effectively, data can play a key role in engaging patients, as it enables health systems and clinics to better understand and communicate with their unique patient community. Achieving this purposefully is critical to building a trusting and long-term relationship with the community; too much irrelevant information and a person will tune out, too little, and they’ll look elsewhere for the information they seek.

Identifying and understanding the larger goals, both from a revenue and patient outcomes perspective, need to be the starting point for any data-driven patient strategy. This will ensure a tighter focus on achieving those goals and avoiding one-off activities that distract and detract from the overall purpose, risking an inconsistent experience for patients.

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