Top Interoperability Challenges Facing Care Organizations

Top Interoperability Challenges Facing Care Organizations

Posted Sep 14, 2020 from

In partnering with providers across the full care continuum, including acute, post-acute, long-term care, and community-based providers, we have found there to be three consistent challenges relating to interoperability. In this post, we describe the challenges facing the health care system today, and propose both technological and policy-based solutions to help overcome them:  


Challenge 1: Legacy IT infrastructure and clinical workflows that do not assume interoperability

Existing IT infrastructure was adopted and implemented in silos without requirements for interoperability in place. As interoperability efforts have evolved, many emergent solutions have focused on simply routing data into already crowded provider interfaces, as opposed to intelligently aggregating and harmonizing data from multiple systems so that it can easily be consumed into provider workflows.


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