Using the Patient Portal to Support Healthcare Consumerism

Using the Patient Portal to Support Healthcare Consumerism

Posted Feb 2, 2021 from

When high-deductible health plans became more prevalent ten or so years ago, patients began to assume more of their healthcare bills. And with that, they assumed the role of not just the patient but as the payer.

At the same time, patients saw a transformation in the consumer experience in other services sectors they frequented. The boom of Amazon Prime and online banking made patients want services fast, easy, and effortless. And being the payers for their own healthcare, they wanted the same when they visited the doctor, too.

According to Lauren Davis, the system director of Digital Marketing and Consumer Strategy at Adventist Health, is usually not the case.

Although research shows more and more patients are searching online to find a provider, this process is proving more difficult than they bargained for. 

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