Continuing Virtual Care for Post-Pandemic Patient Engagement

Continuing Virtual Care for Post-Pandemic Patient Engagement

Posted Mar 25, 2021 from

Telehealth and virtual care is here to stay, patients have asserted, and their providers need to pinpoint which technologies yielded the best patient experience and continue to offer them alongside in-person patient care.

CAP is moving forward with that knowledge, finding that many of its pandemic-era fixtures actually created a more holistic healthcare experience that Ankeny and Watts said would likely improve patient health.

For one thing, virtual and touchless patient intake has been a boon for busy parents who want to be thoughtful about their child’s health. Parents can take their time to fill out the forms before a visit, as opposed to rushing to complete them inside the waiting room.

Although many leveraged virtual care options that helped them close care access gaps and provide truly excellent care, the end of the pandemic will likely spell a welcomed return to in-person interpersonal connection.

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