2020 CMS Code Updates for Chronic Care Management

2020 CMS Code Updates for Chronic Care Management

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To date Chronic Care management (CCM) involves three codes: 

  • CPT 99490
  • CPT 99487
  • CPT 99489

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) states that “Chronic Care Management continues to be underutilized” and to address this concern, beginning January 1, 2020, we see a valued impact from additional CMS support to allow for more paid time for your sickest patients.

There has been a forfeiture of time between spending 20-minutes to 60-minutes of patient care time, and the loss of patient engagement after the allowable billable time (CPT 99490) of 20 minutes for a non-complex patient. CMS has created an add on code to be billed as an additionally with CPT 99490 – this new code, for the near future, will be G2058. As of 2019, a patient without moderate to complex medical decision making will be billed for 20 minutes of service regardless if the time continues. In addition, if the staff performing the call believes the patient should have further education or support, it is then followed up on the following month.

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