The Changing Landscape of Healthcare

The Changing Landscape of Healthcare

Posted May 31, 2021 from

Virtual health is a timely, convenient and cost-effective solution for patients to receive healthcare services. A large percentage of healthcare services can be delivered safely and appropriately to patients in their home on their personal devices so it is a valid option. Virtual health also expands access to care so even patients in remote locations can get access to high-quality specialty services close to home. Virtual health saves money as well by avoiding the need to travel to meet the provider.

Also, there was sufficient internal expertise and know-how regarding Telehealth, which enabled us to quickly identify and deploy a Telehealth solution to deliver services to patients in their home during the time the pandemic was about to start.

Whether it’s an urgent care visit, an ongoing maintenance appointment or even a meeting with a specialist, the overall feedback from members has been extremely positive.

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