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The Key to Interoperability: Safe, Secure Access to Patient Health Data

The Key to Interoperability: Safe, Secure Access to Patient Health Data

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Patient data needs to be free and aggregated in a single location when needed, but that is nearly impossible in today’s siloed healthcare environment where information blocking is rampant.

Bringing true interoperability to the patient record will be a game-changer for patients, for providers, and for the industry. However, much heavy lifting must be accomplished before that vision can become reality, taking pains to ensure that each connection is secure from cyber criminals. While these are truly unprecedented times, organizations across the healthcare ecosystem must continue to ensure that their technology infrastructure remains immune to accidental or purposeful data breaches.

The healthcare ecosystem needs to continue to collaborate and work together to address these challenges and “move forward” with implementation of the interoperability architecture outlined by ONC. 

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