Estimating the ROI of Telehealth Programs

Estimating the ROI of Telehealth Programs

Posted Sep 8, 2020 from

Healthcare providers are increasingly deploying telehealth capabilities that will extend services to patients in rural areas, provide high-quality care to individuals with complex conditions, and reduce costs associated with unnecessary emergency department usage. While telehealth programs deliver significant benefits, they also demand substantial upfront investment in technology, design, and staffing. 

Although payers are increasingly covering telehealth services, receiving reimbursement at a level commensurate with costs continues to be a challenge. To that end, providers need to think beyond reimbursement and understand the potential comprehensive return on investment (ROI) of various telehealth programs.

The literature speaking to the ROI of telehealth is decidedly mixed. It’s possible to find a paper or study to support any conclusion. Some studies show that telehealth saves money, and others that it increases costs.

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