How Mobile Channels Improve Patient Engagement and Outcomes

How Mobile Channels Improve Patient Engagement and Outcomes

Posted Apr 30, 2021 from

As patient engagement strategies ramp up, mobile communication channels are becoming more attractive for reaching those living in geographically isolated areas, far from their medical providers. While video visits have replaced many non-urgent in-person visits, those in rural areas struggle to use even telemedicine options due to lack of access or unreliable broadband connectivity.

When patients are actively engaging with their healthcare providers, positive outcomes include better compliance with medications, post-procedure care adherence, better general health, and lower costs.

For healthcare providers, mobile channels also offer improved physician satisfaction and organizational efficiency. Time previously spent on phone calls or in-person visits is replaced with automated outreach.

It’s time for healthcare organizations to make bigger investments in mobile patient engagement. Custom messaging solutions that leverage mobile channels and SMS can be powerful tools for public health.

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