COVID-19 Underscores Need for Identity Governance Administration

COVID-19 Underscores Need for Identity Governance Administration

Posted Feb 16, 2021 from

In response to the identity management challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare IT organizations that had and identity governance administration (IGA) systems came to the rescue.

IGA systems provide a fast, reliable way to manage digital identities through provisioning, governance, risk and compliance, and de-provisioning for healthcare workers who need access to workstations and applications. This is even more so the case in a crisis environment.

We will no doubt be living in a world of both in-person and remote healthcare for some time, given the COVID-19 crisis. We already learned from the big experiment we just completed that healthcare organizations benefit from having an IGA system in place to help balance their healthcare delivery, efficiency, safety, security, and compliance. Implementing an IGA strategy undoubtedly makes it easy for clinicians to securely and seamlessly transition between workstations and applications and have their identities follow them.

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