Revamping Patient Engagement and Collections — Digitally

Revamping Patient Engagement and Collections — Digitally

Posted Feb 1, 2021 from

Imagine if simply scanning a QR code on a hospital billing statement could give patients instant access to an avatar that could explain each aspect of the statement in detail, from the portion paid by insurance to the amount and date that a patient payment is owed. At Banner Health, it’s an approach that launched in November 2019 and drives increased patient financial engagement.

“We embarked on a monetization journey in 2018, taking a look at opportunities to improve revenue cycle performance, and one of the things we considered was how to anticipate patients’ needs and engage patients in the way they wanted to be engaged,” said Bradley Tinnermon, vice president, revenue cycle for Banner Health. “Augmented reality took patient engagement to a new level, allowing patients to engage with us in a way that felt like a human interaction without having to call customer service.”

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