Why Healthcare Orgs Should Consider Zero Trust

Why Healthcare Orgs Should Consider Zero Trust

Posted Jan 12, 2021 from

As organizations continue in their shift to cloud-based and mobile-first business operating environments — a transition that has accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic — the traditional, perimeter-based security approach is becoming less viable option protection.

An effective defense against attacks today requires a zero-trust approach to security that questions each and every device accessing the organization’s network, along with every action that takes place.

While deploying zero trust certainly requires high-level networking skills and deep expertise in security technologies, this shouldn’t discourage security teams from implementing a zero-trust approach. Organizations might be surprised to find they already have the tools they need to get started.

Technology such as device visibility solutions and network segmentation can go a long way in helping an organization develop a zero-trust architectural model that can adapt rapidly to evolving cybersecurity threats. 

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