What Does a Hybrid Telehealth Care Model Look Like?

What Does a Hybrid Telehealth Care Model Look Like?

Posted Jan 25, 2021 from

Hybrid healthcare has been predominant during the pandemic, and telehealth has shown great promise in bringing cost-effective healthcare to regions and communities that otherwise might have had less frequent access to facilities and services.

Meanwhile, changes in Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reimbursements mean telehealth expansion is here to stay: CMS recently announced 11 new Medicare-reimbursable telehealth services, bringing the total to 144.

Telehealth, long considered a future practice model, has almost overnight become a current practice mode.

Multiple studies conducted last year have demonstrated the extent to which telehealth use has increased, with a corresponding rise in telehealth claims from private insurance.

Telehealth has also become widespread across healthcare practice areas, with participating care providers ranging from primary care to internal medicine. At VUMC, the offering also covers many pediatric specialties, including complex care for children who are not ambulatory.

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