Wearable Tech in Healthcare: Possibilities and Pitfalls

Wearable Tech in Healthcare: Possibilities and Pitfalls

Posted Apr 21, 2021 from

Remote care, which has become a critical part of health operations during the coronavirus pandemic, is expected to continue being a robust tool for providers and patients.

Telehealth doesn’t exist in isolation, however. Along with digital checkups and video consults, healthcare wearables offer a way for physicians to monitor and manage patient progress, even at a distance.

In practice, however, wearable health devices present possibilities and pitfalls. Here’s what healthcare organizations need to know about deploying and defending this technology to take advantage of its predictive capabilities.

Wearables are here to stay and offer significant benefits for healthcare providers. While pitfalls exist, proactive management of security, privacy, and regulatory risks can help organizations avoid problems and deliver the health benefits of wearable tech to patients.

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