The Future of Healthcare Starts With a ‘Digital Front Door’

The Future of Healthcare Starts With a ‘Digital Front Door’

Posted Mar 10, 2021 from

Instead of heading to a local clinic or emergency department, patient encounters will likely take the form of a digital screening or virtual visit. In this way, the patient’s condition can be assessed, and a determination can be made on the next steps.

As a result, healthcare organizations can no longer afford to ignore the technology that underpins their “digital front door.” This essential capability often includes an integrated network of video platforms, mobile applications, and web portals. Healthcare organizations would be wise to consider form as well as function in their digital offerings.

Still, the knowledge gathering must be a two-way street, which is why organizations should continuously analyze inputs and outputs to ensure the accuracy of the information provided. The addition of machine learning capabilities holds the promise of increased utility, including the identification of risk factors and complications based on a patient’s health history.

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