How to Build Security Resilience in Healthcare Beyond COVID-19

How to Build Security Resilience in Healthcare Beyond COVID-19

Posted Feb 17, 2021 from

The COVID-19 pandemic has expanded telehealth and compelled a shift to remote work, but these activities' flexibility has also added vulnerabilities to many healthcare organizations.

A proper security setup includes multiple controls such as a proxy, network firewall, application-level firewalls, encryption, dedicated denial of service protection, and two-factor authentication, Tonthat says. She also advises that, where possible, organizations consider geolocation blocks to guard against overseas threat actors.

Health systems also should implement systems like "tap and go" to log on to EHR systems, and facial recognition is another tool for consideration. Together, password, badge, and physical access comprise the multiple layers of strong access management for a hospital.

Automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are all important technology components that enable organizations to combat threat actors' level of sophistication, says Tonthat.

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