How to Derive Value From the Data in Your EHR

How to Derive Value From the Data in Your EHR

Posted Dec 31, 2020 from

Why are hospitals and health systems seeing mediocre results from their EHR analytics component? And what should they do to chart a path forward to gain the right organization-wide insights they need to move the needle on improved patient outcomes? Let’s examine the survey results in some more detail and explore these questions.

There are a couple of reasons why EHR analytics components don’t fully meet the needs of hospitals and health systems. The first is that these components were not designed by experts in the analysis.

Secondly, EHR analytics components can typically only perform analytics on the data coming out of the EHR itself. In reality, while the EHR certainly contains valuable data, hospitals and health systems have a wealth of data in other source systems, that when combined with EHR data, can provide a truly global look across the organization.

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